Linking Tips for Brand New Domains

Do you need to worry about the keywords used in the anchor text on brand new domains?

I was just asked by a Blogging Underground member who was following the 12 Step Success Strategy Training about how to link a brand new site and whether we should VARY the first links that are coming in so the link text is not all the same.

My response is different depending on whether the domain name has the keyword phrase in it or not.

Is it an exact keyword domain (aka exact match domain)

If your domain is something like:

Then your MAIN TARGET keyword should be WordPress SEO Tips

If it is an exact match domain you should initially be linking to establish the main target keyword for the home page and domain name.

You actually want to start off with a high % of exact keywords in the links. It’s natural.

IF it is an exact match domain!

I’d say 3 out of 4 OR even 4 out of 4 for the example above – WordPress SEO Tips is good to start for a the domain – since the domain name is the EXACT KEYWORD.

On a new site it’s NATURAL to link to the exact keyword of a domain name.

It is NOT natural to link a KEYWORD that is NOT the domain name.

If your domain name is NOT the keyword – then you shouldn’t do it 4 out of 4.

That is NOT natural.

For the most part if you are using exact keyword domains, I don’t think it is necessary to worry about link text variations on a new site until you have a higher number of links coming in.

Just make sure you try to stay away from doing any one thing 100%

4 out of 4 is nothing to worry – 9 out of 10 is nothing to worry about – but 40 out of 40 is a pattern that will stick out like a sore thumb!

as more links are coming in you increase the variety and you start to include more different keyword targets. Add an extra work. Shuffle the order of the link text.

For an exact keyword domain that is brand new and getting it’s first links I’d keep it tight and do a HIGHER % of “exact keywords” for the first 10 or so links coming in.

8 or 9 out of 10 with the exact keyword in the domain sounds about right.

Then as you get on the first page for your traget keyword and start moving up, you can mix in a few more links that are variations (extra word etc.)

Now – you may start to drop in ranking initially when this happens – but it should level out over time and you’ll move back up as all the pages with links come in and start to get crawled and indexed.

Once you get a large number of links coming in, you will need a better overall variety of text links- including some links with anchor text that are not so good…

Less than ideal links with text such as click here for ZZZ, Visit at etc

It’s only natural for a site to get links that are NOT PERFECT.


PLUS as you get more than a handful of links coming in you will need a natural mix of different link types.

I’d say when you start to get more than 20 links coming in you should make sure at least a few are coming in that are nofollow links such as those from bookmark sites and from social sites like pinterest, facebook, twitter etc.

As a site becomes established the patterns start to be revealed more and more.

The patterns will show when you hit a CRITICAL MASS of lots of text links coming in.

We don’t know the exact number, but it’s pretty clear with the newest algo changes they do expect variety and reward for it!

Now – what about if a domain does NOT have the keyword in it?

Well – in that case you need to be more careful and make sure you do not have too many links coming in that are NOT in domain name.

It’s natural for keywords in domains to be in the link text – it is less COMMON for text links to a home page that are NOT in the domain name.

If your brand new domain is something like and you are linking heavy for WordPress SEO Tips and nothing else – well you might just get in trouble pretty quick and get flagged as an “evil doer” and have little chance at ever ranking for that keyword until the ratios are more natural which could take a long time to correct (if you even figure it out!)!

So – the moral of the story is – that the 12 Step Success Strategy Training here at Blogging Underground suggests going for EXACT KEYWORD DOMAINS for a good reason.

Exact Keyword Domains are easier to get to rank for the keywords in the domain!

And we focus on doing what is the easiest! You’ll get on top faster and stay there longer if you get an exact keyword domain and follow the training here at Blogging Underground!

This stuff works! It still works and will continue to work!

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Dec 12th by Mike L

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