Here is the video tour of the new updated version 2 of the Blog Posting Utility

I have a brand new video I just recorded for members on posting in the blog network that I would like to invite you to watch.

The video runs 34 minutes and explains in great detail all of the great features of the new version of the Blogging Underground Blog Posting Utility (BPU V2 for short).

In the video I log in to the new BPU V2 and show you how easy it is to access all of the nearly 500 “announcement blogs” in the BU blog network. The video has detailed explanations of all the great features that Blogging Underground members enjoy, such as exporting link data, creating profiles, and searching with lists of keywords to quickly find all the best blogs that match your keywords so you can quickly and easily get powerful in-content backlinks from your blog posts!

I also show an example of creating a blog post from scratch in the BPU so you can see how fun and easy it is to post articles and get powerful backlinks from blogs that will help you get top rankings faster and easier than ever!

Don’t miss the video! It’s loaded with tips and is well worth watching!

BPU Blog Posting Utility V2 Overview Video

Dec 05th by Mike L

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