In less than 3 days on Tuesday April 26th, 2011 Blogging Underground will be opening it’s doors for the Official Grand Opening Launch!

It’s Mike Liebner here and I am really excited to finally be presenting Blogging Underground and our amazing traffic system to a much wider audience! I say wider because I have been quietly testing the membership and it’s tools with what is often referred to as a “soft launch” with my own in house customer list and newsletter subscribers.

It works! And members have been getting some fanatastic results! Just have a look at the testimonials we’re starting to get! This stuff really works and the buzz is starting to spread!

After putting all the tools and the member features through intensive testing we have an amazingly solid and mature membership that is ready to serve a greater number of people.

Now – with that said – I do have to be up front and let everyone know we do NOT have an unlimited capacity. There is a limit and I know we’re going to hit it.

While we can serve a healthy number of new members, I am fully prepared to shut down and stop accepting new memberships when I see the resources are being stretched thin.

I will also increase the price and stop including bonuses as well when it starts to get a little crowded.

I absolutely anticipate this happening, because while we do have a extremely robust system and high powered dedicated servers with a decent capacity to expand, I am very aware we need to keep the member experience as pleasant as possible for those that join.

We’ve had an insane low refund rate of 1.39% and I intend to keep it that way!

It doesn’t mean we won’t re-open again – but you should seriously consider jumping on board and joining because you may get locked out and have to wait until we have more openings avaialble.

So – if you’re ready to start building a web publishing empire and want to get more traffic to your web sites – you should highly consider joining Blogging Underground when we open our doors on April 26th, 2011 at 12 PM EST.

We’ve got some fantastic bonus offers and our memberships are priced as LOW as they will ever be!

Apr 24th by Mike L

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