Here are some suggested free SEO PLUGINS and some hot tips for fast rankings boosts!

It’s all about saving time! That’s the key to success!

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here and I have a couple of hot tips for excellent SEO plugins for Chrome and other browsers that I think will help make your life easier, PLUS I have a suggestion on how you can get an easy fast rankings boost so you can cash in the big holiday spending going on right now!

chrome seo plugins

There are some cool SEO Plugins I suggest you grab for free and install on Chrome (or Firefox or IE in some cases). I’ll point out a few of my favorites and offer quickie explanations of what they can do for you.

  • One of my favorite SEO Plugins for Chrome that I have been using daily is Website Analysis Appwhich gives you a detailed website analysis of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Alexa, DMOZ, GEolocation with IP city and country and more.

The cool thing is when you are on a web page you simply click the icon in the toolbar and it instantly gives you all of the info about a domain in an easy to glance at panel! I use this to get info on pagerank for the URL, see the pages indexed for a domain, see how many images are indexed and more. The cool thing about the SEO PLugin Website Analysis App is you get direct links so you can instantly jump to see the pages indexed on Google. A huge time saver.

  • Everybody knows about SEOQuake, right? You should! I have been using this for a long time – originally on Firefox and now on Chrome.

I personally use SEOQUAKE to highlight NOFOLLOW links on pages as I surf the web, but it has many other features. Just for the highlighting of the “no follow” links the SEO Quake plugin worth getting. It’ll put a line through links on pages that have the nofollow tag – very helpful so you know at a glance of the links are passing any PageRank juice

Hot SEO tip – while nofollow links may NOT pass PageRank they often (if not always) have some SEO value – especially on no follow links from big sites like Pinterest or other authorities – so don’t dismiss nofollow links entirely. It’s GOOD to have at least a small percentage of nofolow links in your MIX of links for a domain! So if nothing else – make sure you get a pinterest account and get some links from there!

  • Webrank SEO – similar to Wesbite Analysis App but has some extra info that was missing – it has a “sociometer” and shows a count of Facebook likes, Google + and Tweets, Stumble Upon and Delicious!

Hot SEO tip – Right now – sites that have social signals coming in will often have an easier time ranking for HARDER keywords – so make sure you have FAcebook like buttons on yuor pages and/or use one of the Social Widget type things so people visiting your sites can easily click the like and plus buttons.

  • SEO SERP – this Chrome plugin allows you to find the Google ranking fast for a keyword. The cool thing is you can enter in a list of domains at one time and it will tell you the ranking for all of them.

I will say though that the ranking from SEO SERP is not always accurate. One site I look up regularly always shows as #3 on Google but when I go to the search results page it always shows as #1. So it’s best to verify by eyeballing the results yoruself if you want an accurate ranking.

SEO TIP – Natural links in articles in blogs work like MAGIC!

blog links work

Would you like to be getting some more traffic without wasting time hunting for links?

You need good links right?


Despite what some people are saying, it’s as easy as ever to get free traffic from Google if you know how!

The best way that is working like crazy for me right now is GOOD QUALITY LINKS in articles in BLOGS!

If you need a FAST boost in rankings this holiday season, please consider a Blogging Underground Quarterly membership which at only $33. per month makes it super easy to get good high quality in content text links for your keywords any time you need them!

Our blogs are hosted on servers all over the world and are all indexed and trusted by Google and helping my sites and members sites to get the kind of links that work like magic to boost Google and Bing rankings (yes Bing!)

These links are working right now!

If you’re not getting links from articles in blogs you’re missing a great opportunity to boost your sites rankings.

Why hassle with trying to find the hard to find kind of super effective links that Google loves, when all you need to do is simply login to the Blog Post Utility in the Blogging Underground members section and post in any of over 260 high quality blogs!

Right now just a few links within related content from blogs Google trusts are giving extraordinary boosts! I have many sites right now – new and old – that are benefiting from just a few links in the blogs!

Sometimes a couple of links will give a boost – other times it may take a few more – but the fact is – links from within good quality articles on blogs indexed by Google are still the best way to get top rankings for your websites!

HOT SEO Tip – you can EXPAND the number of keywords a page is getting traffic for – often with just a few links with the new keywords (they should be on the page you link to though – that works best!)

What I do is first get a top ranking for my primary keyword phrase and then I go after adding some variations and longer tail versions of it. Sometimes just one or 2 links in the BU blogs will push up my rankings for the keywords!

All it takes is good quality natural links in articles in blogs that Google trusts enough to index and crawl constantly!

That’s the kind of thing you can do EASILY when you have a Blogging Underground membership!

Just login to the Blog Post Utility and post a few articles (with up to 2 links per post!)

It’s never been easier to get #1 top rankings for all kinds of big traffic keywords – so why not take advantage of this great opportunity and grab yourself a Blogging Underground membership at our lowest price ever – only 33 bucks a month with the BU Quarterly membership!

You’ll find more info here:

Once you join you’ll be able to instantly login to your membership and access our one of a kind Blog Post Utility (the BPU) and post your articles publish in our blogs instantly! It’s fast, easy and works like magic.

If you haven’t tried it yet – you must give it a try!

Well, I hope you get everything you want this holiday season and that the coming New Year will be a monster for you! This stuff works right now and will continue into 2013 so make sure you grab your piece of the pie!

Happy holidays and best wishes for your online marketing success!

Mike Liebner

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