OK – so what is this Backlink Energizer thing?

Hey, I wanted to tell you about this cool WordPress Plugin I just ran into called Backlink Energizer and in a nutshell what it does is help you get all of those weak and wimpy Web 2.0 and crappy social media backlinks to get indexed by Google.

Please do not confuse your powerful backlinks in the Blogging Underground “announcement blogs”, as those posts generally get indexed fast and will stick, but rather I am referring to those other backlinks you may be trying to get with social media sites, profiles, comments and such.

Those wimpy social links generally DO NOT STICK and in many cases NEVER even get indexed.

SO – I highly suggest you look at the Backlinks Energizer WP Plugin as it cleverly helps you get those pages with your backlinks indexed through the power of your WordPress blogs.


WARNING: Now I need to tell you to REMEMBER that your BU BACKLINKS are NOT the same as those other WORTHLESS BACKLINKS they’re talking about at the Backlinks Energizer page – our links kick butt – please do not confuse them with the other wimpy links out there!

OK – just wanted to be clear on that as our BU blog links are like magic – but if you’re doing OTHER links you need an insurance policy and a plan to make sure and get those links indexed!

OK – so please have a look at the Backlinks WP Plugin if that sounds appealing to you!


Apr 12th by Mike L

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  1. Backlink Energizer is the latest and greatest backlink indexing plugin and works like a charm. It’s really amazing to see a plugin actually do the job.

    Mike L

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