Are You Linking To Your Social Media pages?

You should! In fact any web page on any site that points to any of your websites or social media pages should also have backlinks pointing at them too!

It’s a simple philosophy that really works well for Blogging Underground members and we call it “Backlinking Your Backlinks”.

I have a simple solution for a free bonus to make it easier for you to do the simple things that Google looks for when they rank web pages.

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I know it can be a hassle to find good places (that aren’t your own sites) to link to your new product pages, blog posts and social media posts, but the fact is these kinds of “backlinks” are really powerful and will boost you above your competition who is most likely asleep at the wheel.

If you are a Blogging Underground member it’s NOT a hassle, but rather a simple task to post articles that have your links in them in any of our nearly 200 blogs!

When you’re a member and have access to our easy to use Blog Post Utility and nearly 200 blogs, you can link to anything you want any time and get an instant backlink that will get crawled and indexed by Google fast!

It’s so easy so why not post articles and link to your social media posts? If they link to your money sites you’ll boost their power and link juice!

Same with your Tumblr posts, WordPress, Twitter, Youtube, RSS Feeds, Pinterest and anything else you do which promotes your products or web sites. Backlink them using the Blogging Underground blogs and you’ll get a boost!

So – to summarize – if it’s quick and easy to link your social pages and websites you should be spending at least a little time getting backlinks and a Blogging Underground membership makes that an easy thing to do.!

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How to claim the bonus:

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Either of the bonus offers are great ways to get a 1 year membership to Blogging Underground for less than the regular price of $299. a year or $67. per month (which is worth it by the way!)

With the bonus packages you save big money and you get extra value! And you can get high quality contextual text links in articles any time you want!

Well, I hope that helped you realize how important it is to backlink your backlinks and that you consider grabbing one of those 2 deals so you can get access to Blogging Underground.

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Best wishes for your online success!

Aug 25th by Mike L

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