Duplicate content penalty – is it a myth or should you be losing sleep over it?

Watch the video excerpt from a webinar I did with James Schramko and Andy Grand where we discussed similar content versus exact duplicate content

The whole video replay from the webinar can be found at:

Backlinking Tips and Tricks Webinar

You’ll find two MP4 videos yu can download! The webinar is a good one with great info on backlinking, getting top rankings on Google and so much more!

More information on Duplicate Content

Sep 06th by Mike L


  1. Great video Mike! It gets dizzying trying to figure out what google will and won’t slap you for. It’s good to get this king of insight.


    Mike L

  2. Good little audio piece as I do tend to worry about duplicate content and this as put my mind at ease.
    David Thomas

    Mike L

  3. thanks for this info …..from this conversation good work

    Mike L

  4. Don’t worry! Be happy!

    Mike L

  5. Thanks! I am the KING of insight :’>

    Mike L

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