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It’s an exciting time of the year! We’re just a few days away from the eagerly awaited 4th quarter.

It’s when people spend money!

Are you ready?

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Now is the time to increase your publishing activity and start putting up content to attract people to your stuff.

Here is a tip to maximize your efforts. Announce every thing you do!

One of the secrets that Blogging Underground members use to get more traffic and top rankings is to announce every piece of content we put up – whether on our blogs or on social sites and other places that link to our important pages.

Every time you have news, add a new article, send an email, or add a product or feature to your site, or on social sites, you should be announcing it with a direct link from a few external websites/blogs.

You should also be posting little snips here and there on social mdeia like your Facebook page(s) and Twitter.

If the content has a good picture, then also post it on Pinterest with a link to your web page.

Then you can boost those social signals by also linking to your posts on Facebook etc. by posting articles with links in blogs such as those we have available to Blogging Underground members in our blog network.

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Want a boost? Announce everything you do!

Send signals! Links send signals!

Now is a great time to be planting your seeds so you are ready when the busy 4th quarter hits!

It’s just a few days away so why not get started planting seed right now!

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Best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner

Oct 28th by Mike L

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