A Blogging Strategy That Works (even after Panda and Penguin)

Right now is a great time to build brand new sites and get top rankings. It’s also a good time to bring dying sites back to life by doing a few of the simple and effective things that a lot of people simply are not doing.

If you had sites that dropped in rankings, or if you’re building brand new sites, now is a great time to get on top of Google faster than ever with some simple and effective tactics that Blogging Underground members are validating works right now!

This stuff still works

The simple fact is fresh new links within the content on pages that are indexed by Google will help get you back on top faster than anything. “In-content” links are still great and Google loves relevance as much as it ever did. If you can get relevant links in blogs that are indexed by Google you’ll do very well faster than ever!

If you’re interested in getting good relevant in-content links fast – consider joining Blogging Underground.


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what now

The most important factor that works now is still getting good in-content links. They still work like magic and give you the biggest bang for your effort.

A handful of good quality “in-content text links” can do much more for your rankings than by having many low quality crappy links that are common among the webspammers that Google has been targeting and trying to rub out.

Every site benefits from having good links with their target keywords from article pages that are relevant and related. This is still the core element in the Blogging Underground 12 Step Success Strategy and still works right now.

In addition to getting some good quality links from within the content in related articles for your keywords, there are a few additional things to be aware of and include in your web publishing strategy.

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: The suggestions made below are for supplementing the basic strategy we employ at Blogging Underground. NOT every one is required or needed to gain top rankings in every case. If you are going after more competitive keyword targets you may have to employ MORE of the suggested tips – but in most cases  they will not be needed or just a few of them can be employed to gain top rankings.

WHAT WE DO NOT DO is actually just as important as what we do.

As we build our good high value content sites post Penguin we need to focus on doing only the good things that we know will help us get on top fast and stay there. We also want to avoid doing the common spammy things that can bring us down.

Integrating a few of the tips on this page will help you rise above the others that have given up, or refuse to stop doing the typcial automated tactics that often end up blowing up and causing more damage than good.

Were you impacted by the recent Google algo ranking updates?

A lot of people were impacted by the Panda and Penguin algorhythm updates.

A lot of folks simply gave up and stopped trying. That’s exactly what Google wanted.

Of course it’s sad to see people have problems, but the fact is there is currently LESS COMPETITION for those of us who are still building sites and going after free traffic.

The good news is that it is now EASIER to get top rankings.

Those with sites that dropped that do a few simple and smart things that we know Google likes will get back on top fast.

Those building brand new web sites the right way from the ground up will get on top fast.

The stuff we teach people at Blogging Underground works as good as ever – it just requires a few extra considerations and working just a little bit more to get quality up to where Google wants it to be.

I suggest focusing a little more towards ON PAGE QUALITY on your web site AND I also suggest incorporating more quality and variety in your OFF PAGE efforts.

The quality of the pages that have your links on them are very important too.

Also variety is important too. 

Did you lose traffic and rankings???

The main reason that a lot of sites dropped in rankings is that they lost links that were on pages of sites that Google de-indexed.

Because all sites on the web are interlinked and connected to each other (like Kevin Bacon is) even if you did not lose the links yourself, there is a good chance someone in the chain you’re connected to did lose links.

Good links

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out if you lost links you need to get new links to replace them if you want to be where you were before the links were lost!

For new sites and those that dropped, getting some good fresh links from pages indexed by Google is all the solution you need.

In many cases just a few good in-content links like those from the Blogging Underground blogs targeting the keywords you are going after are enough to get you moving upwards.

In addition, a few links from top social sites to send social signals will help.

Link diversity is something you should be aware of.

Having diverse links simply means that you should have variety.

Like I always said “PATTERNS WILL KILL YOU!” and that is true more now than ever! Do not act like a robot and try to do some of the things in your SEO the way that most regular folks do them – even if wrong or not ideal.

DO NOT get all your links from one source or the same places. Also you need to have some variety and social signals so your link profile is diverse.

Be a little bit normal. Do some normal things.

Be more like the web sites you are competing against for top rankings. Even the most successful sites don’t do everything perfectly all the time.

100% perfect for a human is next to impossible, right??? Robots are perfect. Don’t be too perfect!

ie diverse links with less than perfect link text like with your URL or domain name and/or things in the text like Click here for keyword + add an extra word every now and then so your text isn’t the same on all your links etc.

What percentages??? Who knows for sure – just don’t do everything 100 percent or too close to it. Mix it up – especially when you get larger numbers going on.

As you increase volume – the patterns will emerge if you are not careful.

9 out of 10 most likely is not alarming BUT 99 out of 100 may be.

VARIETY of link text is really important!

How many links will you need to get on top?

There is not a specific number of links to get #1.

Every keyword is different. Some are easier than others. Some are very hard.

Start with a few links doing the right things and see where that takes you. It may be enough.

All sites need links – even established sites. It’s not unusual for links to disappear over time. It happens.

URLS/PAGES that have LOST links pointing at them NEED NEW LINKS.

If your page lost links and never has any new links coming in to replace them – is your page really worthy of being #1 for your keyword target???

If the keyword target is a BIG MONEY keyword you will drop when you lose links and do not have new ones coming in.

Depending on the difficulty and competition to rank on page 1 for your keyword(s), you may need to spend more time on getting fresh new links coming in.

If your site is dropping in ranking – fresh links coming in will help.

At the very least try to get back any quality in-content links you know you have lost and get fresh new ones to show your site still has new fresh relevant authoritative links pointing at it (votes).

fresh links

Right now a few good fresh links are working like magic. Especially on NEW sites!

I’ve had new sites shoot to number one in just a few days with a handful of links in the BU blogs.

To stay on top for a new site you need to keep at it a little bit until they stabilize.

One site that ranked on top fast dropped off the first page a few days later, but get this – I found that simply adding a fresh new post to the blog itself pushed the site back up onto page one.

Adding new content to a site will help boost all your pages so they are ranking higher.

Google loves fresh sites. That means FRESHNESS counts in large amounts.

Keep your site fresh and avoid letting it get stale. That is a bigger factor than ever.

Stale sites move down the rankings. Fresh sites move up.

That goes for publishing new related content targeting similar keywords and also for getting fresh new links from diverse places coming in on a regular basis. How much and how often depends on the competition for your keywords.

Social Signals Are Important! Get social!

Try to employ some social signals for your best sites and bookmark and share the most important pages and you will reap the rewards.

If your niche is competitive it is more important that when you post something new – especially when it is good to be sure to tweet about it on Twitter and post a blip about it to it’s own Facebook fan page.

Also you could create a Tumblr post announcing it.

Tumblr is great because it’s “micro blogging” and is faster than ever to get the word out!

A lot of major companies are now using Tumblr to spread the word. You should be too.


You might be able to get away with little or maybe NO SOCIAL SIGNALS if your NICHE or TARGET KEYWORDS have very little competition.

Not for HIGH VOLUME keywords though or KEYWORDS that people are paying BIG CLICK MONEY for…  In competitive markets with BIG BUSINESSES and CORPORATIONS the other pages you’re competing against most likely have a STAFF of people who are doing that social stuff and if you’re not – they might have an edge.

The good news is that usually a very small amount of social activity will go a long way to help establish a site has value to real people.

Once you’ve been established you don’t have to constantly do social stuff for everything you do.

Especially if you have LIKE BUTTONS and SOCIAL WIDGETS on your blog pages and such – because once you gain a little social momentum (and if your content is good) you’ll find that your visitors will do some of that stuff for you. They’ll like you and share your URL with their friends.

Especially for a new site this kind of social behavior will help a lot because Google is more interested than ever to see you are doing the social things that almost all of the top sites are doing.

Spend a little time learning about Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Delicious, Stumble Upon and other social type sites where people promote and share stuff.

OH and despite what a lot of people are saying out there SELF PROMOTION is acceptable. It’s OK to sell things and promote products and services. No need to be SHY about that.

If you are legitimate and a real business it’s expected for you to do stuff to promote your site and monetize it.


Backlink your Backlinks! <HOT TIP!>

I’ve been saying this for a while and don’t see enough people doing this.

Every link you have that is pointing at YOUR SITE will have more JUICE if that page with your link ALSO has good links pointing at it too.

If you link to pages that link to you it will help a lot! Just make sure the links are NEW and NOT CONNECTED or from the same places! Find other places like free hsoted blogs, in comments or bookmark the URL!

The links to your links will help you. Consider it as INSURANCE!

I know it’s extra work – but at least every once in a while you should create a post at tumblr or pinterest or bookmark it at delicious or elsewhere or even tweet the URL of a page that is linking to your site on a different Twitter or Facebook account (not the same one you use for linking to your own sites).

You’ll make sure that pages gets indexed plus give it a big boost and in return the links the page has pointing at you will give more of a benefit.

RSS Feeds are important

Make sure your best blogs have their rss feeds submitted to directories.

Two good places are www.feedage.com and http://www.rss6.com/

The 2 above are good places to start submitting your rss feed and will actually link to your pages with good clean code that will impress Google.

There are others too, but some of them have redirects and/or sneaky nofollow code that does’t actually pass the link juice.

RSS feed directories can help you get some crawling activity to your deepest inside pages and possibly even boost the rankings.

Careful about blasting though – the downside to rss feeds is that all those links will be alike and if you do too many at one time that could hurt you (the patterns).

Submit Your Site To Quality Directories

Directories are very important. Almost everyone with a web site will submit to a directory or two when they first get started. It’s a normal thing to do for regular folks with sites.

While it has become a spam technique to BLAST to thousands of them with automated software, I suggest you do them by hand and only do a few of them.

While you shouldn’t do a MASSIVE BLAST to zillions of low budget directories with automated software or services, you should make sure your most important sites are submitted to at least a few of the better directories that are indexed by Google.

It’s easy to find them.

Type in “add URL” or “submit website” along with your keyword and search on Google to find places that you can submit to. You’ll find lots that are free.

Some paid directories are also good and can do magical things for sites that have dropped.

www.HotvsNot.com and www.botw.org are two good places that will help a site that got slapped – but they do cost money to get links – so only do pay for links if your site dropped big time or if it has the potential to be a big money maker.

While directory links can help you – the links are more for authority as you can’t get much relevance from being listed on a page with just listings (articles are better for relevance).

For the most part, links in the free directories are good enough to gain some credibility/authority – especially if they have “human review” or “moderation” before adding the links.

Some directories require that you link back. This is called a reciprocal link and is NOT as good as a “one way” or non-reciprocal link.

Directories that do NOT require a reciprocal link are better than exchanging a link to get linked, but both kinds of directory links will help you in moderation.

Link exchanges and submitting to directories is what normal webmasters do – so you should do that stuff too – but don’t do any blasting and do not do automated submissions to zillions of low budget directories as that CAN hurt you.

I’ve seen AUTOMATED BLASTING KILL MANY sites and Google does NOT like that spammy robotic type of linking.

A few directory links can help, but at some point too many of them will start to hurt your site.

Press Releases

Consider writing and submitting press releases for your sites. Submit news releases to a few free press release sites at the very least when you create a new website!

There are many of these PR sites that accept and distribute your news or press release for free.

Sites like http://www.prlog.org/ and  http://www.prfire.co.uk/ are worth trying. 

If you have a big money maker of a site or are releasing a product you should spring for a paid release or an upgrade on a site like www.prweb.com 

You can pay for upgraded features like links and images and such and get greater distribution.

The good thing is that you can get some good permanent links from authority sites that read the press releases and post info about you in their articles.

Blog Comments and Forum Comments

Once again no need to blast or spam these but a few good ones done by hand for your target keywords every once in a while will help your site. Google expects to see these kinds of links. What they don’t expect is 1000’s of them with robotic patterns.

High PageRank Web 2.0 Profile Links

It’s good to have at least a few profiles on top sites with high PageRank. Last.fm is a good example of a site that has a link on a public profile page.

Free Hosted Blogs

You can create free blogs on places like Hubpages, Squidoo and WordPress.com and use them for linking. Just be careful and don’t over do it because these sites are notorious for deleting accounts.

A small number of links is all you need. Be aware that if your free blog goes dormant they may delete your account. That means you’ll need to post every once in a while to make sure you don’t lose your links from deleted accounts.

Also – do not go too heavy on these free hosted blogs – they are regularly abused by webspammers and Google knows this. Too many links from these free blogs could work against you.

Article Marketing

Submitting exclusive original articles to the best article directories is a great way to get a few good relevant links pointing at your site.

While www.ezinearticles.com www.goarticles.com www.articledashboard.com and other similar sites may not have as much juice as they used to before the Penguin update, it would still help to have a few articles submitted and published on these sites.

Just don’t over do it and be aware that syndicating can expode and kill you! Too much can backfire when some of these sites that syndicate start spreading your same article onto thousands of other sites. That can actually work against you.

It’s much more effective to get your links from within articles that only appear on one web site and are NOT syndicated.

Article marketing works but over syndication hurts!

Quality Content Counts In Large Amounts

It’s more important than ever to have a site that looks good and does the right things. Make sure it looks like it’s a real legitimate business. Include social widgets, Google plus and Facebook like buttons and pinterest buttons and twitter feeds such. This kind of stuff lends credibility that Google is looking for more and more.

Your best sites should have social elements to encourage people to stay on site and vote and share your stuff.

Patterns will kill you.


Avoid robotic behavior and do not over optimize!

If your EXACT keyword appears TOO OFTEN it will signal an ALARM for OVER OPTIMIZATION.

Don’t worry about having a high keyword density – just write naturally and use related keywords!

Keep things natural looking and consider that if a human reads your text that they can FEEL when you are trying to HAMMER ONE KEYWORD PHRASE over and over.

People don’t like it – Google likes it even less!

Make sure you are NOT doing anything that is ROBOTIC.

OVER OPTIMIZING is not common – because that is not what normal people do. ONLY SEO ROBOTS do that stuff!

You want to be normal and not stick out by doing everything 100% perfectly every time.

Apply that reasoning to everything you do.


It is important you have a good mix of all kinds of links and link text (and image links too) and some of them need to be link text with the URL/domain name and some need to say click here for keyword etc.

If all your links are “exact keyword phrase” you’ll stick out like a sore thumb and most likely get dinged with an over optimization penalty.

There are still many opportunites available to make money building web sites!

This stuff still works

If you pick the right keywords to target, as we train members to do in Blogging Underground, and you start your site off the right way, and avoid doing the wrong things, you can easily build up to getting many top rankings on Google.

The secret is to target high profit “exact match keywords” that other sites are NOT targeting the right way. It’s easy to sneak in and gain the top spot and then build out sites that become authoritative for MANY RELATED KEYWORDS!

This strategy still works and is what we teach members to do in Blogging Underground and the 12 Step Success Strategy.

In summary you want to be better than the sites competing for number one for your keywords. Do the things they’re not doing and do things they are doing better. Make sure your pages have good quality in-content links pointing at them for your target keywords.

Make sure your site looks good and has value and include social signals.

Pay attention to being more “natural” and being more diverse by not doing the automated robotic things that we know Google does not like.

The things I mentioned in this article will help you, but kep in mind yo don’t have to do all of them and you do not have to be a master at everything.

Getting good links from the Blogging Underground blogs may be enough when combined with following the 12 Step Success Strategy + adding a few of the tips suggested in this article will help even more to establish your site as an authority!

If you follow the 12 Step Success Strategy and just a few of the suggestions I have made you can get your sites to the top and keep them there.

Whether you have old or new sites  – you too can do the things that are helping myself and Blogging Underground members get on top and stay there!

 If you’re interested in getting good links fast – consider joining Blogging Underground.


RIGHT NOW we have a special deal!

Best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner

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