I’m working on creating some new additional training for Blogging Underground members.

The 12 Step Success Strategy Training in Blogging Underground is still a viable system that works better than ever, but with the recent Penguin and Panda changes, there are additional factors we should all be aware of and employ in our marketing strategies.

Click the link below to see more detailedĀ info.

>>> Info on the 12 Step Success Strategy Training Topics – a brief explanation of where we are at right now and what’s coming soon in the training!

Almost all of the 12 Step Success Strategy Training still applies – it still works – you just need to do a little more of the extra stuff that adds value, social signals and quality factors to your sites to stay on top.

Those that embrace the changes are doing very well! It’s like knowing a secret loophole that puts you ahead of others who are still trying to do as little as possible.

A little extra work can go a long way!

Jun 05th by Mike L

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